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Date Program
12:00~13:00 Registration
Program Chair: Prof. Jaephil Cho
13:00~13:15 Opening Ceremony / Congratulatory Address
13:15~13:20 Opening remarks / Prof. Jaephil Cho
13:20~13:25 Dr. Sarah Thomas / Royal Society of Chemistry
“Royal Society of Chemistry – Activities in Asia and Publishing”
13:25~13:45 Dr. Philip Earis / Energy and Enviromment Science
“Royal Society of Chemistry – Activities in Asia and Publishing”
Program Chair : Prof. Hee Cheul Choi
13:45~14:15 Prof. Anthony R. West / University of Sheffield
“Anion doping and oxygen non-stoichiometry in materials development for lithium batteries”
14:15~14:45 Dr. Chang Gyoun Kim / KRICT
“Molecular Precursors for Thin Films of Information and
Energy Materials”
14:45~15:15 Prof. James Durrant / Imperial College London
“Nanostructured photoelectrodes for solar driven water photolysis”
15:15~15:35 Break time
Program Chair : Prof. Meilin Liu
15:35~16:05 Prof. Duncan Gregory / University of Glasgow
“New Dimensions in Energy Materials”
16:05~16:35 Prof. Hee Cheul Choi / POSTECH
“Geometry specific optical properties of organic crystals and new insights for high performance organic optoelectric devices”
16:35~17:05 Prof. Neil Robertson / University of Edinburgh
“Molecular Control of Interfacial Electron Transfer in Dye- Sensitised Solar Cells”
17:05~17:20 Closing Remarks
10:00~10:10 Opening Remarks
Program Chair : Prof. Neil Robertson
10:10~10:40 Prof. Peter G. Bruce / University of St. Andrews
“Nanostructured Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries”
10:40~11:10 Prof. Je Young Kim / LG Chem, Ltd. Research Park
“Cable-Type Flexible Lithium Ion Battery Based on Hollow Multi-Helical Electrodes”
11:10~11:40 Prof. Jeom-Soo Kim / KETI
“New Li-doping Concept LIC as a Energy Storage Device”
11:40~12:10 Prof. Peter Slater / University of Birmingham
“Understanding Ionic Conduction in Energy Materials”
12:10~13:10 Luncheon
Program Chair : Prof. Yi Cui
13:10~13:40 Prof. Clare Grey / University of Cambridge
“New methods for studying structure and function in batteries and fuel cells”
13:40~14:10 Dr. Myounggu Park / SK Innovation,Battery R&D
“Application of 1D Nanostructured Materials to Air Cathode of Li-air Batteries: Focused on Carbon Nanotubes”
14:10~14:40 Prof. Sang-Young Lee / Kangwon National University
“Design and Fabrication of Nanostructured Polymer Materials for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries”
14:40~15:10 Prof. Kyu Tae Lee / UNIST
“Promising Electrode Materials for Na Ion Batteries”
15:10~15:30 Break time
Program Chair : Dr. Jeom-Soo Kim
15:30~16:00 Prof. Kisuk Kang / Seoul National Univerisity
“Design of Electrode materials for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries by integrating ab initio calculations with experiments”
16:00~16:30 Prof. Yi Cui / Stanford University, USA
“Nanostructure Design for High-Energy Portable and Grid-Scale Stationary Batteries”
16:30~17:00 Prof. Meilin Liu / Georgia Institute of Technology/WCU-UNIST, USA
“Understanding surfaces and interfaces in electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems”
17:00~17:10 Closing Remarks