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한국전기화학회 한국전기화학회

18th Topical Meeting of the ISE on Oxygen Electrocatalysis in Chemical Energy Conversion and Storage
작성자 KECS / 작성일 2015.10.05 / 조회수 1,560

Date and Place: 08 - 11 March 2016, GIST/Gwanju




Scientific Scope: Currently, our world is facing serious problems with regards to expensive and inefficient energy storage and energy conversion systems. Thus, innovative scientific solutions are sought in order to solve this challenge, especially from the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. To this end, the fields of electrochemistry and catalysis are of tremendous importance. Specifically, oxygen electrocatalysis is considered as the most critical phenomenon in almost all electrochemical industries because it involves the most sluggish reactions that govern the overall reaction rate in electrochemical cells. In this meeting, we shall cover two main topics in oxygen eletrocatalysis: (i) oxygen reduction to water and (ii) oxygen evolution from water. It is expected that the meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for an international group of scientists and researchers to a) present their relevant observations and development of oxygen electrocatalysts, b) discuss the various unique attributes of recent novel catalysts, and c) report the latest developments in electrode construction in fuel cells, water electrolysis, metal-air batteries, and solar fuel research.


Key Topics:

▶ Noble and non-noble electrocatalysts
▶  Operando analysis
Catalyst design based on theory
Catalyst support
Bi-functional catalysts
Fuel Cells
Water electrolysis
Metal-air batteries
Fuels from CO

▶  Electrode architecture


Abstract submission: 28 October 2015



  • 사업자등록번호: 209-82-06548
  • 사업자명: (사)한국전기화학회
  • 대표자: 성영은
  • 주소: 02566 서울특별시 동대문구 왕산로 122(용두동, 한방천하 포스빌 1715호)
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