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한국전기화학회 한국전기화학회

[한국화학공학회] Materials Challenges in Alternative & Renewable Energy 2024 (MCARE 2024)
작성자 관리자 / 작성일 2024.01.24 / 조회수 88
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MCARE 2024


일시 및 장소: 2024년 8월 19~23일 제주 롯데호텔

초록접수 방법홈페이지(에서 초록 접수

발표 논문 투고 저널(4)


Applied Surface Science, Elsevier

Inorganic Chemistry Frontier, Royal Society of Chemistry

Materials Today Energy, Elsevier

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering(KJChE), Springer





Abstract Submission

~ March 15, 2024

Notification Acceptance

March 31, 2024

Early-Bird Registration

~May 31, 2024

MCARE 2024 Conference

August 19-23, 2024



세션 안내총 9 symposium


Symposium 1

Materials for Hydrogen Fuel Production and CO2 Conversion in Carbon Neutrality

Symposium 2

Advanced Materials for Energy Storage

Symposium 3

Advanced Materials for Next Generation Photovoltaics

Symposium 4

Advanced Materials for Fuel Cells and Electrolysis

Symposium 5

Frontiers of Functional Nanomaterials for Eco-friendly Devices Applications

Symposium 6

Electromechanical Coupling Materials for Nanogenerators and Self-powered Electronics

Symposium 7

Materials for Green Ammonia Cycling

Symposium 8

Semiconductor Nanocrystal Quantum Dots

Symposium 9

Advanced Biomaterials and Bioelectronics