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한국전기화학회 한국전기화학회


Vol.11, No.3, August 2008

Investigation of Simple Electrochemical Conditions for Generation of Ozonized Water
Mutsumi Tanaka, Han-Joo Kim, Tae-Il Kim, and Soo-Gil Park
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Ethanol Electro-Oxidation and Stability of Pt Supported on Sb-Doped Tin Oxide안티몬 도핑된 주석 산화물에 담지된 백금 촉매의 에탄올 산화 반응 및 안정성 연구
Kug-Seung Lee, Hee-Young Park, Tae-Yeol Jeon, and Yung-Eun Sung*
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Enhancement in Selectivity of Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensors Based on Mesoporous Platinum by A.C. Impedance
Sejin Park and Hankil Boo
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Hollow Sb93Pt7 Nanospheres Prepared by Galvanic Displacement Reaction for a Highly Li Reactive Material
Hyunjung Kim and Jaephil Cho
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Chloride Ion Effects on Anodic Dissolution of Copper in Aqueous NaCl Solutions under Argon Atmosphere아르곤 분위기의 NaCl 수용액에서 구리의 산화 용해반응에 미치는 염화이온의 영향
Jung-Kyoon Chon and Younkyoo Kim
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Effect of Electrode Materials and Applied Potential in Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide by Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase일산화탄소탈수소화효소를 이용한 이산화탄소의 전기화학적 환원에 미치는 전극재료와 전위의 영향
Jun Won Shin, Yousung Kim, Jieun Song, Sang Hee Lee, Sang Phil Lee, Hojun Lee, Miran Lim, and Woonsup Shin
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The Electrochemical Studies of Two Osmium Redox Polymer Films and Their Application for Multi-Detecting Biosensor전기화학적인 방법을 이용한 두 개의 오스뮴 고분자 막의 고정화 및 다중 검출 바이오센서에 관한 연구
Gun Sik Tae, Jin-Gu Kim, Young-Bong Choi, and Hyug-Han Kim
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Synthesis of Several Osmium Redox Complexes and Their Electrochemical Characteristics in Biosensor오스뮴 착물들의 합성 및 전기화학적인 특성에 관한 연구
Hyug-Han Kim, Young-Bong Choi, and Gun Sik Tae
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Inhibition Effects of Chromate, Phosphate, Sulfate, and Borate on Chloride Pitting Corrosion of Al
Hochun Lee and Hugh S. Isaacs
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Enhancement of Cycle Performance of Lithium Secondary Batteries Based on Nano-Composite Coated PVdF Membrane
Myung-Hyun Ryou, Young-Dal Han, Je-Nam Lee, Dong-Jin Lee, and Jung-Ki Park
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The Research and Development Trend of Cathode Materials in Lithium Ion Battery리튬이차전지용 양극재 개발 동향
Hong-Kyu Park
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Recent Developments in Anode Materials for Li Secondary Batteries리튬이차전지용 음극 소재 기술 개발 동향
Sung-Soo Kim
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