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한국전기화학회 한국전기화학회


Vol.13, No.1, February 2010

The Stable Rechargeability of Secondary Zn-Air Batteries: Is It Possible to Recharge a Zn-Air Battery?
JKES Vol.13, No.1, pp.45~49, February 2010
DOI : 10.5229/JKES.2010.13.1.045
Sang-Heon Lee, Yong-Joo Jeong, Si-Hyoun Lim, Eun-Ah Lee, Cheol-Woo Yi, Keon Kim
Department of Chemistry, Korea University, Seoul 136-701, South Korea Department of Chemistry and Institute of Basic Science, Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul 136-742, South Korea
The rechargeable Zn-air battery is considered as one of the potential candidates for the next generation secondary batteries due to its many advantages. However, its further applications and commercialization have been limited by the complexity of the rea
Keyword : Secondary battery, Zn-air battery, Rechargeable, Oxygen evolution reaction, Oxygen reduction reaction

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